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Swapping best practice

Here are a few extra tips for successful swapping.

Getting going

The simplest way to get going is to start with a Lucky Dip Swap. Here's how:

  • Create your Grower page (if you haven't already)
  • Contact one of the local Growers near you
  • Propose they view your page and do a 'Lucky Dip Swap'

If they agree, ask them to your garden first to select any plants, cuttings or divisions you can spare.

Then you do the same at theirs. Any difference in value you can settle with cash, if necessary.

Setting out your stall

However, to be more successful with swapping (and attract more interest) you should list plants for swap on your Grower page.

Simplest way is to find your plants in the Plant Finder and click 'Swap/sell this plant' top right of each plant record page.

Having done that you can either wait for a swap request, or propose one yourself. If you message another swapper, you need to say what plants interest you and invite them to view your swaps. 

Easiest way to do this is to add the plants you want to your Plant swap cart, then click the 'Contact Grower' button in the Plant cart. Your selected plants will then be automatically attached to your message. 

If they go for it, you then agree how:

  • Take plants to the other’s garden
  • Visit each other’s garden in turn
  • Exchange the plants at an agreed venue

What if they decline or don’t want to go ahead with the swap? That’s OK. It’s always OK to say ‘no’ or decide not to swap. And if there’s an imbalance in the final swap, you can always settle the difference with cash.

Best way to find a good match is to check out other swappers’ interests on their Grower profile pages and find someone near enough to you so distance is not an obstacle, for them or for you.

Relaxed approach

Successful swapping is more of an art than a science. Don't expect a perfect match for your interests; and be prepared to give it a go. You never know what plants you might find when you visit another Grower's garden that they will be prepared to part with, and vice versa.

In many ways the plants you offer and the swap requests you make are an opener for you to meet the other person and see what else they have to swap. In the end you may swap some other plants altogether, and that's fine.

A great way to find other swappers is to tell friends near you about GreenPlantSwap. When they do the same the network of potential swappers in your area will rapidly build for the benefit of all.

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