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Fifth-floor, South-South-East-facing balcony and roof terrace, totaling 12ft x 12ft. With such a small area, I try to select climbers - to maximise coverage - and flowers with as long a period of flowering as possible, as every plant has to work hard to justify being there. The exceptions to the flowering rule are a wisteria, hostas Francis Williams and Francee and a Japanese acer for yet more height and providing the only available shade. The roof terrace is only used in the summer which is why I do not concern myself particularly with year-round interest plants, except for an Italian cypress (cupressus sempervirens) and jasminum officinale climbing up the divide for privacy on the balcony.

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I would like a salvia 'Amistad'.
I have three lavanders (probably angustifolia 'Hidcote') in 2/3l pots to swap/give away.

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