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I have a lot of succulents, tropical plants and general Uk plants. I am also doing veggie garden every year, so I used to have spare tomato plants. I am trying to create a Tropical garden, and I already have some plants, like trachycarpus fortunei palm, and a bamboo plant, but I would like fern tree, bromeliads, yucca... etc so I am interested in more succulents, Hibiscus,any tropical plant cuttings and seeds. I buy these if i can't offer anything.

Swap interests

Yucca cutting, Hibiscus seeds, tropical plant cuttings and seeds, succulent cuttings.

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Latest plants for swap

  1. Graptopetalum papaguayense | Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020
  2. Sedum ‘variety unknown’ | Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16
  3. Aloe barbadensis | Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020


    5cm × 3cm

  4. Sempervivum grandiflorum | Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16


    1cm × 1cm × 2

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