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Gardener with a passion for growing more plants during leisure time, making the most of the small space. When we moved in it was a totally neglected plot, overgrown with brambles, ivy and big shrubs. Bindweed everywhere mixed with other selfseeded weeds. We renovated all the borders, stripped the beds and cleared the weeds, dug all the shrubs up and mixed plenty of organic matter in. Replanted with new plant material, donations from friends and spare divisions from work it is now totally transformed into a small eden. It took a couple of years for the plants to establish, now it's looking great. There is a 'shady' side planted with ferns, helleborus, heuchera, eucomis and hostas. Opposite the sunny site is full of herbs, lavender, sunflowers and aquilegias. In between the third bed we use as a veg plot. There's plenty of material for cuttings and divisions, harvesteing seeds etc.

Swap interests

Pulsatilla vulgaris Rubra
any Fritillaria sp.
any Arisaema sp.
any Tricyrtis sp.
unusual ferns
otherwise any interesting, uncommon, rare species

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