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Trying to fill my garden as cheaply as possible. Growing from seed, divisions, cuttings, layering. Themed areas: courtyard - containers, shrub rose garden in pinks, reds, whites, purples, silver, large hosta bed under a huge weeping ash - with aconitums, astilbes, ferns, bulbs, orchard under planted with ornamental grasses surrounded by banks with plants to attract birds, bees and butterflies, primula border - work in progress, hot borders around the swimming pool - reds, yellows, oranges, silvers, blues, whites, peony borders, vegetable and soft fruit garden, cutting borders. Into composting and making my own liquid feeds. Sticky clay soil. Free ranging chickens. Never enough time - all work in progress. Open for NGS. B&B as well.

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Always on the look out for unusual shrubs and plants.
Plants suitable for cut flowers and long flowering.

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