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I am a Plantsmith and Professional Gardener working in and around Wantage: I supply a small, carefully chosen range of plants of consistent quality: all of which are propagated by me, here in South Oxfordshire, and all are strong young plants, which are accustomed to our local climate. Nothing is grown in polytunnels - all plants have to survive my cold, east-facing front yard, so you can be assured that they are fully hardy!

Plants can be posted - but be aware that postage costs are now really high! This year, I am trialling bare-root postage: this is where plants are de-potted for sale (although I try to keep as much soil as possible still around the roots) to reduce postage costs. If you would rather pay more to receive the plant still in the pot, do please contact me to discuss the costs.

In all cases, postage to UK only, and payment by Paypal please. Or if you are near to South Oxfordshire, you are most welcome to come and collect!

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  1. Araucaria araucana | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12


    25L @ £100.00

  2. Fascicularia bicolor | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2018


    1.5L @ £10.00, 1L @ £7.50, 0.65L @ £5.00

  3. Galanthus nivalis | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2018


    0.65L @ £5.00

  4. Galanthus nivalis ‘Flore Pleno’ | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2018
  5. Pachyphragma macrophyllum | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12
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