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I'm developing an ornamental grass meadowy garden with tall grasses, tall perennials and tall annuals. Planned colour palette is blues, whites, greens, magentas, some pale yellows and whatever quirky plants I just want to have even though they break all the planned design rules. I recently did some fundraising for Thrive and found out about this site. (photos are of my former exotic garden in Devon which is why I still sell Colocasia tubers) Selling and swapping sounds like fun.

My garden

Swap interests

Interested in bare rooted clumps or seeds of pretty much any tall ornamental grass: PENNISETUM, MISCANTHUS, CALAMAGROSTIS, PAMPAS, STIPA/MEXICAN FEATHER GRASS. Also EREMURUS/FOXTAIL LILY, GIANT HISSOP, DELPHINIUMS, PHLOX, LIATRIS, DALEA CANDIDA, CAMASSIA, HIMALAYAN BLUE POPPY. Seeds, plugs, or bare rooted clumps.

Will swap healthy COLOCASIA TARO TUBERS which are green and are shown in my profile photo.

Do check out my Plants for swap.

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  1. Colocasia ‘variety unknown’ | Twickenham, Greater London, TW1
  2. Colocasia ‘variety unknown’ | Twickenham, Greater London, TW1


    45cm × 45cm × 2 @ £5.10

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