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I call myself The Lazy Gardener as I don't have a lot of time or inclination for fussy plants, and I don't want to replace plants every year as I can't be bothered, plus I think it's a total waste of money to buy bedding pants that you have to throw away every year after they've finished flowering when there are so many gorgeous perennials and evergreens that last for years and years. My choice of plants makes them ideal for a time-poor gardener like me that wants a nice display all year round, but doesn't want to spend every spare minute gardening, and doesn't want my gardening hobby to cost a fortune. I have a home garden in Huntingdonshire where I propagate many plants from offsets, cuttings and seed. I can't seem to be able to stop myself and really have to try to reign myself in a lot of the time. The site is very exposed, on fairly free-draining, clay-based, reasonably fertile soil, and it is very windy. Everything is grown organically, and with as little watering as I can reasonably get away with. I use rainwater wherever possible. I like to think of myself as a sustainable gardener. I recycle, re-use, compost etc, wherever possible. My plants have to be tough to survive out here. I have conifers, succulents and alpines, herbaceous hardy perennials, hardy evergreens, and trees and shrubs. I also grow some houseplants. I will certainly be able to offer divisions and cuttings and offsets of many of my plants for sale and/or exchange.

Swap interests

I prefer hardy perennial and evergreen, non-tender, frost hardy and reasonably drought tolerant plants. I love hardy succulents. Also, reasonably easy to care for houseplants. I definitely would like a witch hazel if anyone has any to swap - either a red flower, orange flowered or yellow would be lovely.

Do check out my Plants for swap.

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