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Plants in my garden

I may be able to offer divisions, cuttings or seeds from these plants.

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  1. Plant Placeholder

    Also know as 'Elephant's ears' these plants are large, evergreen perennials, about 30cm tall with huge glossy leaves and pink flowers from late winter and sporadically into summer. Drought tolerant and make great weed-supressing groundcover

  2. Helianthus ‘variety unknown’ | Portishead, Bristol, North Somerset, BS20

    This is a perennial variety (comes up every year) - an amazing herbaceous plant that grows over 6' tall and is smothered in yellow flowers from late summer till the frosts. Easy in full-sun, but beware - it can become invasive.

  3. Plant Placeholder

    These are seedlings. They sow themselves all around my garden. The most similar variety I can find is P. saccharata. Many of them are red, resembling P. 'Leopard' with very attractive silvery-spotted leaves. They flower in early spring, and are loved by the bees. They are an easy to grow, shade-tolerant plant.

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