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We took over the renovation and restoration of our 1/3 acre plot nearly 2yrs ago, which initially took 9 months to clear the years of neglect. Once the 30ft brambles, 40 or so rotten trees and thousands of weeds were removed, we ploughed and harrowed the ground, hand-casting amenity grass seed. That was back in 2015.

Last year we removed 8 mature rose bushes from around our large pond and created a circular rose bed in front of the cottage, bordered by box hedging.

This year, the ground around the edge of the pond was harrowed and a large wild flower meadow was sown this April (pictures of some of the varieties in bloom currently are on my profile).

Along with the wild flower meadow planting, I am establishing a new flowerbed some 60ft long on an awkward east-facing boundary situated directly beneath leylandi trees. Ground preparation is underway to ensure the heavy clay soil is made good ready for planting in the Autumn. This bed will receive partial sun and partial shade throughout the day.

Swap interests

A very new gardener, I am open to advice and plant identification at present - and, of course, if anyone is interested in seeing the work that we are doing to transform our garden then please do get in touch!

In time, I hope to create raised beds to grow cut flowers, a selection of herbs, and a variety of lavenders.

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