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I have a smallish garden, with an established cherry tree, pear tree and two apple trees, one of which looks as if it might be dead. I on'y moved here last summer, so haven't really had chance to get to know the garden. It's fenced, and has a plentiful supply of brambles, roses, vinca and some unidentified plants, all around the fenceline. I'm intending creating either a water feature or raised bed, using an old bath, and would like to grow more fruits, and I'd love some tubs with flowers in. I've made a start buying seeds, and am keeping my eyes on offers for shrubs. I have gardened before, in my previous house, the garden was a prize-winner, and previous to that I had a container garden in a small, compact yard! So not really a novice,but am finding it harder to get about so it has to be simple!

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It will be later in the year before I have anything home grown to offer, but I will be buying plug plants and smaller shrubs. In the meantime, I will happily bake cakes/scones/cpcakes in exchange for seeds and plants until my garden is producing!

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