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I am just starting out and working to transform a very overgrown and underloved garden and allotment. I am also a beginner gardener but a very enthusiastic one and in it for the long haul. We don't plan to move so I have lots of time to plan and shape this garden how I want it and to experiment with different plants. I want it to be a tumbling disorderly array of colour and texture. I like the idea of using plants that attract insects particularly as my toddler is currently a huge caterpillar and butterfly enthusiast! Although not sure how long that will last.

Have uploaded a few pictures but not the best time of year to show it off - however have been amazed how late the flowers have lasted this year - right up till November.

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I am currently looking to plant up the shady side of the garden. It is currently full of lily of the valley ..... so am in the process of digging them up and separating them out. I am looking for other plants and bulbs that like partial to full shade. Advice appreciated.

I like growing things from seed so at the right time of year I generally have a lot of spare seedlings.

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