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My grandfather was a keen gardener, after his passing in 2013 I took over his garden. I'm learning as I go along but still do not know the full name of many plants yet.

The garden is situated on the Gower coast surrounded by moderately high walls and trees/shrubs for some protection from wind and salty air. The soil is presumed alkaline, with pink hydrangeas, but my grandfather worked the ground very well so it's hard to tell in some places. Majority of the beds are south / south west facing with a few areas in shade.

I love the cottage garden style and hate bare soil patches but I need some help in perfecting this. I love to encourage wildlife into the garden, with a few exceptions (rats, slugs and vine weevil in particular) but I try not to let it get too overgrown.

Swap interests

Native, non-invasive, bee & butterfly friendly plants. Not very good at growing seeds so plants such as Verbena, Cornflower, Echinacea etc are always welcome.

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