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Mid sized suburban garden on the edge of the Fens in South Lincolnshire (Bourne). Front garden was already gravelled when I arrived - I'm gradually covering the nasty gravel with hostas, echinacea and mediterranean type plants - especially thymes, lavender and rosemary. And I think i load of agapanthus will be going in there next Spring as I've run out of room for the seedlings I have grown on from a friend's seed! My allotment is on the edge of the peat which means it's very light to dig but doesn't hold any goodness. Hence I have 12 compost bins on the go down on my 'farm'.

Swap interests

I'm always taking cuttings or generally growing - particularly into succulents and salvias and geraniums at the moment. Can't resist flowering herbaceous stuff and like white flowers or variegated foliage best of all! I've just discovered gauras!

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