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My garden is in Bridlington's Old Town and is very much a work in progress.
When we bought the house we were persuaded to open the garden for the old town secret gardens and only got away with this by hiding the gardan under lots of charity stalls. Another ploy to make the garden interesting was to offer a 'plant swap'.
That is great fun, but I could do to offer plants throughout the year, as the garden is fabulous at growing a handful of plants, but I'd like more variety.
If you would like to swap some plants, do get in touch - or bring lots of your plants to swap on the weekend of 21st and 22nd June 2014 - there will be lots of other gardens to explore too - a gardeners paradise.

Swap interests

Don't know the names of all my surplus plants, but here's a start....
Snow in summer
Ox eye daisies
Yew saplings

I will try and look up the name of other plants.

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