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I have at the moment changed my veg patch into flowers as I no longer can cope with veggies, even though I have planted some Dwarfe Beans and some peas and also some beetroot in tubs. I have some tomato plants cucumber plants which I am growing in my little green house and also a sweet pepper and a chilli plant. I also have a tub with potatoes growing (don't know where they came from- can only think that they were in the soil that I transferred to the tub) I have Fibromyalgia and am a Diabetic also have arthritis and RLS which is why I have had to cut down on my gardening. I try to do a bit in the garden every day don't always make it, and any free flowers that I can cultivate would be very welcome.

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I love Freesia (but struggle to grow them) I also love fushias and geraniums, which I have a few planted. I have quite a few pansies and violas in my garden as well.

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