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Ive always been interested in plants and gardening (I get it from my mum) but last year I got my first home, the garden was a concrete over grown mess with a huge empty pond. I decided since it was my first I would strip it all back and start a fresh, I transformed it in about 4 months to a beautiful space to enjoy. Theres always something to do and improve, whether I can afford it or not. Im constantly doodling design and plans for what I can do. My Front yard im planning on turning into a rockery garden when I get time in between work. At the moment its medium dull grass patch. My back garden is smallish but a decent size for me. I enjoy growing from seeds and always produce to much. This year I plan to focus more on veg growing now that I have established places,tubs, troths, bags ect and filling the border up with colourful interesting blooms. Im also in the middle of a flower arranging/floristry course so there will be plenty of cut flowers growing in the yard this year for me to play with, I plan on doing flower arranging on the side once ive master it. Always happiest when im pottering in my garden, being a beginner I love learning new things and never miss my weekly mags!

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