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I moved house last August and so far I have been spending time and money on the inside of my new property. I have a very plain and barren garden, the front being mainly shingle which I am going to start to put in flower beds as I have some beautiful Dallas that I have brought with me.
My very kind son-in-law has built a raised fish pond which needs filling with plants and also fish as so far, it is still empty as it wasn't finished until late October.
I still have a couple of allotments where I used to live but I am wondering if it is going to be worth driving 10 miles each way to visit it. I might just try growing what I need in raised beds (I am thinking of the years to come) in my back garden.

Swap interests

I am not in the position of swapping as I have nothing in my new garden to swap.
I would be interested in some nice statement plants, my favourite is ferns and the larger the better. If anyone has anything available, I would be very interested. Any pond plants and fish would also be very welcome.

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