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Just a keen gardener with a love for all plants. Unfortunately, my garden isn't perfect by any means, but it's my creation and I enjoy keeping it the very best I can. I currently have an interest in small, but colourful alpine plants - the smaller they are the better. For over 30 years I held memberships in 3 bonsai societies in the UK and I continue to enjoy this art as much as ever. My bonsai collection isn't vast these days, although the desire and enthusiasm remains undiminished.

Swap interests

I'd like to swap with local people and I'm particularly interested in obtaining small colourful alpine plants, but I'm happy to consider anything which I don't already have in my garden. I could swap (subject to availability), various sempervivums, saxifrage, grasses and some perennials.

Do check out my Plants for swap and In my garden plant listings.

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