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We have a forest garden (mimics the edges of a forest / woodland). Most of the plants and trees are for edible purposes - flowers, leaves, roots, stems. And, to keep them healthy, there are also plants and trees that support the soil and wildlife.
We also have a new ornamental garden.

Swap interests

I'd currently love
purple hardy geraniums
white hardy geraniums
orange or white helianthemums
purple clematis
grasses that clump eg stipa tenuissima, miscanthus, festuca glauca, carex, panicum virgatum
polygonatum Solomon Seal
tiarella cordifolia
ruta Jackman's Blue
epimedium x versicolor Sulphureum
thuja occidentalis caespitosa
thuja orientalis rosedalis
euphorbia dulcis chameleon
euonymous fortunei Silver Queen

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