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Pen y Groes is near Crosshands, it is high up, which means we escape the worst frosts but any snow tends to stick for a while. In the garden, a lot of shrubs and trees, a large paulownia, not tomenosa, dominates the skyline like a rainforest giant, I grew this from seed. Others include a large hoheria, a 7 foot Wollemi pine that was planted in 2010, and survived that evil winter that killed all my proteas, about a hundred of them, but little else, Chilean myrtles, a large Drimys winteri, which is covered in white flowers in spring, and many more oddities. The front strip is like a glasshouse without the glass and things that normally need protection thrive there. All in all a good mix, but I do need to protect Certain things from the rain, e.g the profile photo of a lewisia, not a chance outside over winter, yet if I leave old stems on, I get free plants in th greenhouse, and they still look like sunset hybrids.

Swap interests

As above really, oddities, southern hemisphere, out of the ordinary. I love cyclamen as well
I always have plenty of plants after the spring sowings.I have some idesias growing on, these are magnificent Chinese trees that look tropical,but are very hardy and unfussy.

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