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My specialist areas are the rather unusual bedfellows of Hostas and dwarf conifers. Hostas of course are really a summer thing, I offer over a hundred varieties for sale commercially, but have many more available on site in smaller quantities. All Hostas are produced here on site from divisions, except for some tissue cultured plants from a British laboratory that I am working with to get numbers up of some of the more challenging forms. With the conifers I endeavour to keep up production of worthy garden varieties, during a period that, due to fashion, is proving a tough time for them. It is rare to see much in the way of unusual or proper dwarf varieties in the most garden centres, except some of the better independents, as they concentrate on perceived profit margins rather than quality, but here we propagate and grow all sorts of interesting things. Apart from that we grow all sorts of hedging at competitive prices, plus a few oddments such as Sarcococca and Miscanthus, and I am also planting up a small orchard for entertainment on a piece of ground that we don't currently grow anything commercial on.

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Always interested in meeting people interested in Hostas and conifers, with potential for material to go in both directions.

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