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20 years ago I bought my house with a gravel front area big enough for 5 cars! It is now a garden, well, my sort of garden, gravel paths and raised borders crammed with plants. It is a case of the survival of the fittest! I imported about 20 tons of top soil. The raised beds are regained by unmetered brick walls. A good idea as I can easily change the configuration but a bad idea in that it harbours the biggest slugs in the world..... In the main I grow plants which I can use for flower arranging and floristry, lots of interesting foliage forms and textures. I have a small veggie bed which occasionally produces something edible. I have got to the point now though that I am planting into containers as I have no more room in the borders.
I am a floral designer and my interest in flowers was generated by helping my mother to garden and eventually, at the age of 10, joining the flower club she helped to start. After school I was trained by Constance Spry and worked for her company as a decorator for a while. I began to freelance 21 and have not really stopped since then. I became a demonstrator for NAFAS and have been fortunate enough to travel abroad in that capacity and as an event florist - America, Kenya, South Africa, Lebanon, Morocco, Japan, Spain, France, Italy and quite recently Azerbaijan and have many tales to tell as a result.
I share my garden with a little brown Cockerpoo - Nutkin, Nutty for short because she is - who has learned the hard way that unlike the sofa, the borders are not for dogs,

My garden

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