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My garden is aligned North/South - house faces South - and butts onto Holme Field.
It is bordered with Raspberries, the top half is two banks of 4 raised beds 9' x 3' each. The garden is 'No dig' - only the spuds when the are lifted!
The bottom half - shielded from the Veg by Apples sunset and Arthur turner grown as espaliers. I am trying to graft Bramley onto them without success so far! - is a 12x12' lawn bordered by Perennial plants. Top .NW is a mature Hawthorn tree and NE a 8' x 6' greenhouse. In front of the Kitchen window is my plant house where pot plants - when in bloom! - are placed on the sill so that they can be appreciated!

Swap interests

My interests are Primula, Allionii, Marginata and Pubescens. Hepatica and Pelargoniums.I want Mrs Henry Cox - I bought bit but was sent a substitute!
I have P. Vancouver Centennial,Frank Headley,Bullseye Pink - might not be! but a nice plant with large pink flowers! -, Sophie Dumaresque,Mrs Mappin,Warrenorth rubellite, Dolly Varden, Merry go Round, Capetown, Fantasia, A Happy Thought and Contrast.

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