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It is very much a project under development as there is around ¼ acer on rising ground which I am manually cutting significant terraces into and fronting with substantial drystone walls. I have recently acquired the adjacent property which means the work completed now needs to be extended across the whole area of the combined gardens as a result the approximately 50% complete state of the garden is now down to around 25% of the whole site.

While there hopefully is a common feel throughout the garden each terrace has a separate theme or purpose such as a fruit terrace or herbaceous borders on the Brick Terrace. The over riding concept being rustic formal, and combining aesthetic with functional areas.

The crowning glory is the setting where the outstanding country side and magnificent views integrate with the garden and one is left wondering if the garden is an extension of the environment it is set or vast beauty of the countryside an extension of the garden

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Old heritage varieties are of very great interest – find a simple Holly Hock with it’s varying simple shades of Pink in a single bloom rather than some over developed pompom. As a result I often end up with a surplus of seedlings when fortunate enough to get root divisions or seeds from others.

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