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I have a large back garden which is a mixture of acers and small trees , roses shrubs many hydrangeas. Perrenials, I like to find unusual plants recently found a Canary Island foxglove flowering still wondering where it came from. I have been trying to grow blue poppies for years, got them to about 2 inches high from seed and then lost them, at the moment I have a lone plant growing, I am watching and waiting for a flower, I think it is in the wrong place but frightened to move it. My Dactyloriza look good never managed to collect seed but have them growing in other parts of the garden so they must have seeded themselves.I have one spotted orchid which I purchased from a grower, it is not doing well I need to move that into my chalky bed, it does not like living with the Northern Marsh Orchid. When I first purchased My Northern Marsh Orchid I put it straight into the ground, which appeared to have no chalk, it increased each year, the second year a small plant appeared alongside, I identified it as a Roscoe, I think this must have been a seed a member of the Ginger family, unfortunately I dug it up by mistake but have now purchased one which I will grow together with the orchids.
I have a lovely red rose which was in the garden when we moved here 30 years ago wonderful perfume I have taken many cuttings of it, but other roses are not happy in the same ground. We have a large selection of interesting plants, would like to have some grasses, also primulas as we have a large pond which needs some company.I have many corm growing Autumn flowering plants which require thinning this year, and I do not want to dump them. I have grown Judas trees from seed and would be happy to swap one. also a Magnolia. Would like to see other gardens to get a better idea of what is on offer.

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WANTED.Grasses, primulas Ajuga the light blue one. ground cover
SWAP OR SELL. JUDAS TREE 18 inches high gown from seed. MAGNOLIA, also 18 inches.

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