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Bouvardia x domestica

For sale by Shrubland Park Nurseries

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A tender shrub with clusters of white or pink flowers in summer. These are scented - the scent being more pronounced with heat and humidity, and only becoming apparent after about 4 in the afternoon.

Bouvardia x domestica | Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7
Bouvardia x domestica | Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7
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1 litre

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Grower Notes

Grow in peat-reduced/free compost in good light. Trim lightly after flowering. Becomes deciduous at low temperatures, so keep the compost barely moist until new growth appears in spring. 1 metre (3 feet). Minimum 7 - 10° C.

Plant Finder: about the Bouvardia genus


Bouvardia genus. This genus consists of deciduous, semi-evergreen or evergreen shrubs and perennials. There are about 30 species and they are frost tender. The flowers are fragrant and will bloom in various colours. The leaves are small and are arranged in opposite pairs.


They are frost tender, min 7-10C. They will prefer full light and fertile well drained soil. You should water freely when in full growth and moderately at other times. Cut back stems by half to three-quarters after flowering to maintain a neat habit.

Interest and use

Grown for their flowers.

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  • BloomsJuly
  • Growth HabitBroad bushy
  • Flower ColourRed-pink
  • Leaf ColourMedium green

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