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Agrostemma githago

For sale by Rachel the Gardener

This grower is sure of this plant identification.

Beautiful cerise flowers on stiff, airy stems: ideal for starting or bulking up a wildflower area.

To buy seeds: send me a Stamped Addressed Envelope along with £1 per pack of seeds and I will send them straight back to you. Use the "MESSAGE GROWER" link in my Meet The Grower box, below, to check availability and for details of where to send it.

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0.1 litres × 30

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Grower Notes

PLEASE NOTE: as with all seeds, you can never be 100% sure!!

I collect all my seeds personally, they are not bought in, so I am sure as I can be that they are correctly labelled. However, there is no guarantee that they will come true from seed, and for that matter there is no guarantee that they will germinate. However, as a gardener, there is not much to beat the thrill of growing something from tiny seeds, so go on, give it a go!

I advise storing seeds in a dark, cool place - the salad drawer of the fridge, for example. Always take the time to check the germination requirements, as some seeds require cold stratification, some require soaking: some need light to germinate, some will only germinate if covered.

Plant Finder: about Agrostemma githago

Common names

Corn cockle, Corncockle


Agrostemma githago (Corn cockle). This is a half hardy annual which will re-seed easily. This plant will grow to a height of about 1m and will bear large, soft pink flowers in the summer. These are fast-growing plants with lance-shaped leaves. The seeds are poisonous so be careful.


They will need some support. Remove the faded flowers; this will prolong the flowering and encourage new flower production.

Interest and use

Cutting bed, ornamental, border, meadow

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Agrostemma githago | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2018
  • LightFull sun
  • HardinessHardy (min -10°C)
  • SoilHeavy, Well drained, Light, Medium
  • Soil pH7.0

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