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Acanthus montanus

For sale by Margaret Howell

This grower is fairly sure of this plant identification.

Not totally sure which Acanthus mine is but it looks very stately when the spikes first come appear. I will hope to add a better picture at some stage. I have 6 of these for sale

Plant Size
Total Price
20cm × 10cm

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Plant Finder: about Acanthus montanus

Common names

Bear's breeches, Brank-ursine, Mountain Thistle


Acanthus montanus (Bear's breeches). Syn. Acanthus barteri. This soft-stemmed shrub has dark glossy green leaves with some silvering, deeply sinuate to shallowly pinnatifid, and the margins are coarsely spiny. Very pale pink flowers appear in summer. The upper bract is larger than the lower.


This plant has long roots and so does well on sloping ground. It can tolerate both drought and sunny positions but prefers shade.

Interest and use

Grown for foliage and structural interest. Also used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments in West Africa, including high blood pressure, coughs, gastro-intestinal diseases, venereal diseases and painful menses.

Italics = data drawn from parent genus or species

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Acanthus montanus | Stroud, Glos, GL5 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020
  • LightAny
  • HardinessFrost tender (min 5°C)
  • SoilSandy, Gritty, Loamy
  • Soil pH6.0 to 8.0
  • WaterSemi-moist

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