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Physalis peruviana

For sale by P.Kennedy

This grower is fairly sure of this plant identification.

An easy reliable plant to grow, cultivation similar to tomatoes, (not frost hardy). A delicious fruit, tastes a bit like pineapple. Pick when the lanterns are papery and ready to drop. Suitable for a cool greenhouse. Can be planted outside (after last frost e.g. late May), although fruit production may be lower.

Physalis peruviana | Rochester, Medway, ME1
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Plant Finder: about Physalis peruviana

Common names

Cape gooseberry, Strawberry tomato, Purple ground berry


Physalis peruviana (Cape gooseberry). This perennial will grow about 1m tall. It is often treated as an annual and is grown for its crop of bright yellow to purple, edible berries. The leaves are oval to heart-shaped and about 10cm long. The yellow-blotched purple flowers are about 12mm wide.


They will prefer moist, well-drained soil with a position in sun or partial-shade. You can propagate from seed or by division.

Interest and use

Grown mainly for their decorative, lantern-like calyces and fruits, produced in autumn. Leaves are poisonous if eaten.

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Physalis peruviana | Rochester, Medway, ME1 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020
  • LightFull sun, Part shade or Shade
  • HardinessHalf hardy (min 0°C)
  • SoilWell drained, Fertile, Light
  • Soil pH5.0 to 8.0
  • WaterSemi-moist, Dry or Moist

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