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Clivia miniata

For sale by Rod

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fresh variegated clivia seeds for sale from the pictured plant. of 6 2015 seeds planted all germinated 5 with variegation (second picture is of a 2015 seed) and one as light of Buddha I also have green leaf clivia seeds for sale at £1.00 each. Seeds will be posted in jiffy bags and should be germinated on the compost surface in warm environment.

Clivia miniata | Tenterden, Kent, TN30
Clivia miniata | Tenterden, Kent, TN30
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1cm × 1cm

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Plant Finder: about Clivia miniata

Common names

Kaffir lily


Clivia miniata (Kaffir lily). This is a tufted upright evergreen perennial bulb, It will bear dense glossy dark green strap-shaped leaves. The flowers are produced in clusters of trumpet-shaped, orange flowers with yellow throats. After the flowers deep red berries will appear.


They will require organically rich, moist but well drained soil. You must water well during the growing season and flowering period, and less during the winter.

Interest and use

Indoors, greenhouse, container.

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Clivia miniata | London, SW11 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2019
  • LightPart shade
  • HardinessFrost tender (min 5°C)
  • SoilWell drained, Fertile, Humus-rich
  • Soil pH7.0
  • WaterSemi-moist

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