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Vitis vinifera ‘Viognier’

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A vine with sweet green grapes (seeded)

Plant Size
20cm × 10cm

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Plant Finder: about Vitis vinifera ‘Viognier’

Common names

White wine grape, Grapevine


Vitis vinifera ‘Viognier’ (White wine grape). This is an ornamental and culinary grape. Sturdy supports are needed to give this woody vine the proper training it needs to form an effective and useful garden plant. It will climb by tendrils, and an ideal form of support is an overhead arbour that is shaded by the leaves of the grape vine, whilst at the same time it provides an easy way to harvest the grapes. It produces clusters that will hang down below the foliage into the shaded area. The soil should be moderately rich and slightly alkaline. Good drainage is essential and will help to prevent mildew. Give it regular, deep watering which is recommended for good fruit production and is generally more effective than using fertilizers. This species is the source of many of the grapes used to make fine wines. In the winter you should prune back to 2 or 3 growth buds.


You should grow in humus-rich, moist well-drained chalky soil in full sun or partial-shade. They are fully to marginally frost hardy. Produces the best fruits and autumn leaf-colour when planted in a warm situation.

Interest and use

Ornamental, foliage, fruit

Italics = data drawn from parent genus or species

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Vitis vinifera ‘Viognier’ | London, W14 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2019
  • LightFull sun
  • HardinessFrost hardy (min -5°C)
  • SoilHeavy, Well drained, Light, Medium, Sandy, Chalky
  • Soil pH5.5 to 8.0
  • WaterSemi-moist

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