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Iris pseudacorus

To swap with John Page

This grower is fairly sure of this plant identification.

Both swaps are show in one photo. The 70 cm height is the old flower spike on the left pot. the 30 x 30 larger pot has 5 plants in it. These came from our pond which we have now removed.

Iris pseudacorus | Coventry, West Midlands, CV3
Iris pseudacorus | Coventry, West Midlands, CV3
Plant Size
30cm × 30cm
70cm × 23cm

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Plant Finder: about Iris pseudacorus

Common names

Yellow flag iris, Water flag


Iris pseudacorus (Yellow flag iris). This species will produce blooms which are a pale to deep yellow and sometimes have a dark purple or brown zone radiating from the centre of the petals. The leaves are attractive and glossy green. This plant is often found in the wild in Northern Europe.


They are fully hardy, but some groups may thrive only in specific growing conditions. All irises are best planted in late summer and early autumn. Outdoors you can grow them in well drained, fertile, neutral or slightly acid or alkaline soil in full sun to lightly dappled shade. In order for irises to thrive, most of them need long, hot summers. Irises that require protection from rain or frost should be grown under glass.

Interest and use

Bog, aquatic, border, cutting bed.

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Iris pseudacorus | Louth, Lincs, LN11 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020
  • LightFull sun
  • HardinessHardy (min -10°C)
  • SoilClay, Light, Medium
  • Soil pH7.0 to 9.0
  • WaterMoist

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Coventry, West Midlands, CV3
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