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Hosta ‘variety unknown’

For sale by Sha

This grower is sure of this plant identification.

You will receive 2 plants. See my photo for what it looks like as grown in the ground.

Hosta ‘variety unknown’
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0.5 litres × 2

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Plant Finder: about the Hosta genus

Common names

Funkia, Plantain lily


Hosta genus (Funkia). There are about 70 species of easily grown perennials in this genus and more than 2,500 cultivars. They are particularly valued by gardeners for their decorative foliage and shade tolerance. The flowers are produced on nodding stems of white, pink or shades of purple and blue. Bell or trumpet-shaped flowers will appear in the warmer weather. They are fully hardy, and will prefer shade, and rich, moist but well drained, neutral soil.


All Hostas need some shade and few will thrive in open strong sunlight. A general rule is that the lighter foliage, the brighter the sunlight that will be tolerated. Variegated varieties tend to require more sun to keep their white, light green or gold stripes. The darker, bluer varieties need more shade.

Once established, Hostas are pretty tough and will spread horizontally to make excellent ground cover.

Interest and use

Grown for their decorative foliage. Form large clumps that are excellent for ground cover. Attracts humming birds in suitable geographical locations.

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Hosta Goldsmith | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020Hosta Goldsmith | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020Hosta Goldsmith | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020Hosta Goldsmith | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020
  • BloomsJune to July
  • Height0.4m to 0.6m
  • Spread0.6m to 0.9m
  • Growth HabitLarge-leaved
  • Flower ColourLavender, yellow or white
  • Leaf ColourGreen, yellow, grey blue or variegated

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