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Gasteria obtusifolia f variegata

For sale by Ruth Hall

This grower is sure of this plant identification.

Slow growing succulent plant with pale green/cream/pink leaves. Unusual.

Gasteria obtusifolia f variegata | Church Broughton, Derby, DE65
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0.5 litres

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Plant Finder: about the Gasteria genus

Common names

Lawyer's tongue, Dutch wings


Gasteria genus (Lawyer's tongue). This genus will consists of perennial succulents they are grown for their interesting bell-shaped spiked flowers and dotted lance-shaped leaves which can form a rosette or fan shaped making them useful for the rock garden or containers.


They are frost tender, min 5C, It is easy to grow and will need a sunny position or partial shade in very well drained soil.

Interest and use

Flowers and foliage.

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Gasteria aff bicolor variegata | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020
  • Growth HabitClump
  • Leaf ColourDull green

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Church Broughton, Derby, DE65
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