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Fritillaria meleagris

For sale by Rachel the Gardener

This grower is sure of this plant identification.

Perfect for naturalising in a long-grass area, these flowers look as though they have been screen-printed in a flawless chequerboard pattern.

I have grown these from seed, from my own plants, no imported bulbs here! Sold in clumps in 3½" pots, either plant out as a clump, or gently tease them apart for better spread, then leave them to naturalise.

Allow the foliage to die down in its own time and they will set seed and spread even further for you!

Fritillaria meleagris | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12
Fritillaria meleagris | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12
Pot SizeTotal Price
0.65 litres

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Grower Notes

Sun or part shade, either will do - any soil.

Plant Finder: about Fritillaria meleagris

Common names

Checkered lily, Snake's head fritillary, Leper lily, Guinea-head flower, Fritillary


Fritillaria meleagris (Checkered lily). This bulb plant is found in the rock garden, meadow garden or woodland setting. The flower petals are checkered with dark red-brown patterns. They are good for naturalizing, producing nodding pendent bloom on a thin grassy stem. The leaves are also grass-like. The bulbs are planted in the autumn, about 10cm deep from the top of the bulb and about 8cm apart. This plant is often found in the wild in Northern Europe. STEM: Upright ROOT: Small bulb with white scales. HAIRS: Absent STIPULES: Absent LEAF-STALK: Absent BRACTS: Absent FLOWER STALK: Almost equal to flower. SEPALS: Absent PETALS: 6-lobed perianth, equal, oblong, thickened at tip. STAMENS: 3, shorter than petals. STIGMA: 1, 3-lobed; style long. OVARY: 1, 3-celled. SEEDS: Many, almost circular, flattened, brown.


Plant at a depth of approximately 9cm.

Interest and use

Rock garden, border, wildflower/meadow

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Fritillaria meleagris | Langley Park, Durham, DH7 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2019
  • LightPart shade
  • HardinessFully hardy (min -15°C)
  • SoilWell drained, Fertile, Chalky
  • Soil pH7.0
  • WaterSemi-moist or Dry

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