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Galanthus nivalis

For sale by Rachel the Gardener

This grower is sure of this plant identification.

The classic simple, elegant, basic snowdrop: drooping petals of pure white, with a little touch of green.

I grow these from seed, so they are not "bare-rooted" - which means ripped cruelly out of the ground just as they are trying to store up energy for next year's flowers - they are established clumps, comfortably established in their pots.

Plant out in clumps as they are, or tease gently apart to spread them out. Let the foliage die right down, and they will set seed and spread for you.

Galanthus nivalis | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12
Galanthus nivalis | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12
Galanthus nivalis | Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12
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0.65 litres

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Grower Notes

Will tolerate sun, but better in part shade, woodland style: any soil.

They will be de-potted for posting, but will still have soil around their roots. On arrival, pot them up or plant them out and with luck, they won't even noticed that they've been disturbed!

£5 per potful, plus £2 postage.

Plant Finder: about Galanthus nivalis

Common names

Common snowdrop, Fair maids of February, Snowdrop


Galanthus nivalis (Common snowdrop). This species will grow about 10cm tall, the leaves are blue-green and upright. The flowers are bell-shaped, scented and about 25mm wide. This plant is often found in the wild in Northern Europe.


Watch out; it is poisonous and allergenic.

Interest and use

Wildflower/meadow, rock gardens.

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Galanthus nivalis | Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2019
  • LightPart shade
  • HardinessFully hardy (min -15°C)
  • SoilClay, Well drained, Rich, Sandy
  • WaterSemi-moist or Dry

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