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Rubus tricolor

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Rubus tricolor | Langport, Somerset, TA10
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1 litre

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Plant Finder: about Rubus tricolor

Common names

Creeping bramble, Bramble


Rubus tricolor (Creeping bramble). This species is a prostrate evergreen shrub with creeping arching shoots which are covered in red bristles. The leaves are glossy, dark green, 3-5 lobed, and are about 10cm with a white hairy underside. The flowers are saucer-shaped, white blooms borne in terminal racemes, which are followed by edible pink-red fruits.


They will prefer moist, well-drained, moderately fertile soil in a sunny position. You can propagate by root division in winter, or from seeds, cuttings or suckers.

Interest and use

Can be used for ground cover or flower arranging.

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Rubus tricolor | Langport, Somerset, TA10 | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020
  • LightFull sun
  • HardinessFully hardy (min -15°C)
  • SoilWell drained, Fertile
  • Soil pH7.0 to 9.0
  • WaterMoist

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