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Iris Jazzamatazz

For sale by Dragonflyjewels

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Standard dwarf bearded iris. Supplied bare root at the end of August (best time to transplant bearded irises) One primary flowering size rhizome offered, trimmed and ready to plant. Will come with cultural advice

Iris Jazzamatazz | Heckingham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14
Iris Jazzamatazz | Heckingham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14
Plant Size
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12cm × 6cm

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Plant Finder: about the Iris genus

Common names

Iris, Flag iris, Fleur-de-Lys, Sword lily


Iris genus (Iris). This is a large genus of about 300 species which will produce upright, rhizomatous or bulbous perennials. Some are evergreen, but most are deciduous. The flower stems are usually unbranched. After the seeds you will find green then brown seed pods. Different species are adapted to diverse environments; borders, rock gardens, boggy ground, ponds, and woodland.


They are fully hardy, but some groups may thrive only in specific growing conditions. All irises are best planted in late summer and early autumn. Outdoors you can grow them in well drained, fertile, neutral or slightly acid or alkaline soil in full sun to lightly dappled shade. In order for irises to thrive, most of them need long, hot summers. Irises that require protection from rain or frost should be grown under glass.

Interest and use

Grown for their distinctive and colourful flowers. Suitable for coastal conditions.

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Iris White City | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020Iris White City | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020Iris White City | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020Iris White City | Copyright Greenplantswap 2020
  • BloomsApril to August
  • Height0.4m to 0.9m
  • Spread0.1m to 0.15m
  • Growth HabitStalked clump
  • Flower ColourVarious
  • Leaf ColourMedium green

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Heckingham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14
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    I'm always interested in unusual irises, but also woodlanders such as uvularia, trillium and erythroniums. No space for anything big !

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