House Rules

GreenPlantSwap is designed to be a friendly and helpful gardening web site. To keep it that way we ask that you follow a few simple rules in engaging with other members on our site. These rules complement the wider member responsibilities in the Terms of Use.

  • Be genuine. Do not impersonate anyone else, mislead or present anything as fact that you know to be untrue.

  • Be nice. Be respectful and tolerant of other members. Keep a reasonable and friendly tone in posts. Avoid any personal comments, threats, swearing, harassment or spam that could cause offence. Don't attack anyone on the basis of their race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or politics.

  • Be helpful. Share opinions and be generous with your knowledge. It's good to debate, but not to ridicule someone for lack of knowledge or experience. Make those who may be new to gardening feel welcome and confident to ask questions and seek advice.

  • Be relevant. Keep broadly to the subject of plants and gardens; and do not stray off topic in threads, so the content remains useful to others. Write in English and do not post images of any subjects other than gardens and plants.

  • Be un-salesy. It is fine to post about plants you happen to have for swap or sale on your Grower page. But let interest in the plant be the 'pull'. Do not promote prices, deals or other business interests outside GreenPlantSwap in posts.

  • Be responsible. Do not post about anything that could endanger others. Report any violation of these rules or the wider Terms of Use by 'flagging' the content in question. Your flag will be anonymous. GreenPlantSwap will then decide what action to take, if any.

  • Be legal. Only post images or content you have the right to distribute and which comply with the Terms of Use.

GreenPlantSwap reserves the right to remove or amend any content that in our opinion does not meet the requirements of these House Rules.

Last updated on: 3rd March 2014