The bigger picture for plants

97% of the UK's wildflower meadows have gone
93% of food seed varieties have been lost
Each day some 80,000 acres of rainforest are destroyed, along with 135 different plant, animal and insect species

Plants are disappearing fast. People know and care so little about them. For many, in our increasingly urban, commercially-driven world, they just seem irrelevant.

Yet we owe so much to plants. Food, clothing, shelter and medicine; the oxygen we breathe; most of the energy we use; much of the beauty we enjoy in our world. Neither we, nor any other living creatures, would be here but for plants. They are vital to our livelihood. They make us happy!

How do we show our gratitude? We take plants for granted and abuse them. We cause biodiversity loss through pollution, urbanisation, intensive agriculture, destruction of forests, climate change and more.

Things are so bad, Kew estimates one in five of the world's plant species are at risk of extinction and the damage we do may permanently harm our world and ourselves.

What can any one person do about this? Very little you might think. But positive action can start at home … and in the garden.

Nature is a gift and it can be shared. In our newly connected internet world, the actions of one person multiplied by others creates the global phenomena of Facebook, of Twitter, of YouTube and many more social networks yet to emerge.

What if people started recording the plants they grew and freely shared them with one another?

Photo of flowers

Think about it. Gardeners could be pioneers of change. Gardens could be the nurseries of the world: protecting, recording and cultivating our precious plant diversity. Growers in developing countries could easily source and swap quality plants and knowledge. Awareness could build.

Do we really want to leave the future of plants to commercial interests that so often sacrifice diversity for profit?

By bringing together people, plant information and location data, we can help map and support the plants of the world.

Of course GreenPlantSwap is still a tiny seed in a very, very large world. But it’s growing!

It has taken over 20 years to compile our 21,000+ plant records; four years to build and refine this location-based platform. Thousands of gardeners are now members and regularly listing their plants. Over 150,000 gardeners already use GreenPlantSwap for reference each year. We are on our way!

Please join us, it's FREE, list your plants and share the vision (share link top right of this page).

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