Why GREEN Plant Swap?

Well, plants are green is the simple answer. But there's a lot more to it...

Plants multiply and get too big, so GreenPlantSwap is a great way to keep them healthy and recycle what might otherwise be thrown out or end up on the bonfire or the compost heap each year.

It's also a simple way for you to share the seedlings and young plants that grow more abundantly than you have room for. Who hasn't winced at one time or another at the waste that's produced when growing from even a single packet of seeds?

By having a 'local' focus, the plants you buy or swap through GreenPlantSwap have travelled less and use up less energy on wasteful protective packaging. And, special bonus, you can get to meet and talk to the people who have grown them, so you'll know how to care for them ... and can make new friends!

Even the nurseries that offer delivery from further afield in GreenPlantSwap are presented by order of their distance from you, to help you choose the nearest suitable plants.

Then there's the benefit of sharing plants that grow naturally in your garden; unlike the garden centre 'products' forced on early to bloom temptingly on Bank holiday weekends, which seldom seem to do as well when you get them home.

Finally, there's the simple fact that GreenPlantSwap can help people get more from the real wonder of this world: how living things grow.

As Thomas Jefferson said: “No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden”.

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