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Hormone rooting powder - or not?

When I give my propagation talk to gardening clubs, I get out a tatty, small white tub and start sprinkling a white powder into the lid. I tell the audience that I'll give a fiver to the first person that puts their hand up and tells me what the powder is. A sea of hands goes up and everyone says hormone rooting powder. I tell them I'm neither generous nor stupid and don't give money away to anyone! They are mystified.
The tub is very old and yes I bought it as hormone rooting powder. But because the hormone is volatile and the tub is old, all the hormone has gone - it's now just talcum powder and just as good as talcum powder at encouraging rooting!
Because of the hormone's volatility you should buy your hormone rooting powder fresh every year - and as early in the year as possible. Then keep it cool and dark - a fridge is perfect. Most people put it on the shelf in the greenhouse meaning it's pure talcum powder within weeks!
Also, when using it, most people try to pile on as much of the powder as possible. In high concentrations it can actually inhibit rooting. So literally dab the damp base of the cutting in the powder - and don't add any more.

Comments (2)

  1. Grower

    Trevor Green

    I imagine inner city gardening clubs might give you a different answer ;-)

  2. Grower

    Geoff Hodge

    Aha, I hear what you're saying!!

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