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Help me identify this plant

  • Help me identify this plant

Can you tell me what this herbaceous plant is? I don't remember buying or planting it and I do not think it is a wild self-seeded plant.

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    It could possibly be a Penstemon? It looks familiar... !

  2. Grower

    Neil Moon

    Rachel, I can see why you think that. It may be a type I've not come across but I am not sure. It is truely herbaceous, disappearing in winter to shoot from the ground in spring. It spreads underground and is producing a small clump. Each shoot rises with Penstemon like leaves and then flowers at the end. I include another picture if that helps. I'd happily pot up a shoot for anyone who can answer me.

    • Help me identify this plant
  3. Grower

    Jim Edwards

    Hyacinthoides blue Danube ? Will post pictures of mine, little dickie birds carry the seeds, bless them.

  4. Grower

    Neil Moon

    Jim. Many thanks. I'll have to check it out.

  5. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    It's definitely not Hyacinthoides: their leaves are long and strappy, and all spring from ground level. This plant is clearly a herbaceous perennial rather than a bulb: it has leaves projecting from the stems all the way up. Not to mention that Hyacinthoides flowers have petals that curve sharply back at the tips, whereas these flowers appear to be much longer, and tube-shaped.

    If I'd seen the leaves but not the flowers, I would have said Campanula!

  6. Grower

    Jim Edwards

    Take another photo when the flowers are completely open

  7. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    I've been pondering over this one for a few days now, yes the foliage is like that of pentstemon, however I thought it has flowers of the boraginceae, So how about this...... Moltkia, maybe suffruticosa?

  8. Grower

    Neil Moon

    Rob, I think you have it. Its certainly a Moltkia but I think its Paramoltkia doerfleri now that I have found it on Google. Thank you for your pondering. I would never have found this without you. I am now going to read all about it and find out how to propagate it. I be happy to share it when I have.

  9. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    I was wondering what the flowers reminded me of, comfrey perhaps, then I saw it it one of my reference books on Mediterranian wild flowers where I recalled seeing it before. Anyway, very close to more familiar lithospermums in which paramoltkia is sometimes included. So for once, Google was not involved, I used the old fashioned way.
    Best of luck in your quest to propagate it!!

  10. Grower

    Jim Edwards

    Well done Rob, you've, nailed it.Hopleys are listing this as a very expensive plant.
    Not like comfrey which we grow for their large compostable leaves and too early for bellflowers.
    They,re rhyzamatous so you can let spread and divide also save seed to propogate.
    I like blue in the garden and the nature of the flowers on this are delightful.
    I wonder how it arrived on your patch?
    Please take another photo as the flowers must now be fully open

  11. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    Thanks Jim, I've never seen this before, but now I've noticed plantworld of Devon sell Moltkia petraea seeds a more delicate but equally pretty version. You know, I might just order myself a packet for for 3.60, what do you think?
    Love blues, I have seedlings of Delphinium tatsienense, the very bluest
    Delphinium I have ever seen

  12. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Well done, Rob! That's a new one on me - never heard of it!

  13. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    Thanks Rachel, it's new on me as well, but if some mystery plant needs solving, I have to find out what it is, sometimes it completely fails me. I'm not adverse to google it serves me well, but when it comes down to it, locking myself in the spare room where I keep my reference books often comes up with a good or near answer, sometimes I find the old school way is at least as affective. If not, I could at one time phone Ray Brown at Plantworld, he always made time to hear of new or mystery plants, but that's no longer possible as he has finally retired.
    This plant is now definatly on my wish list

  14. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Yes - great detective work Rob! I have been trying to establish the difference, if there is one, between Moltkia doerfleri and Paramoltkia doerfleri ... or is it 'also know as'? Some sites have it as the latter and I am inclining that way, unless others can point out the difference. We have a plant record for [Moltkia doerfleri] and a photo that was so poor I have just removed it! I would love to use yours Neil, if that's OK?

  15. Grower

    Neil Moon

    Jeremy, by my research they are the same thing. I'd be happy for you to use my photos. I will try to take some better ones once it has stopped raining here!.

  16. Grower

    Neil Moon

    I remember now where I got the plant from, if anyone is interested. Its a small nursery here in the North East called Birkheads Secret Gardens.
    Well worth a visit if you are in the area as they have many unusual plants, all fully hardy for our northern climate.

  17. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Excellent - if you have more photos that would be great - if you post them here we can re-deploy them. Preferably highest res you have.

  18. Grower

    Neil Moon

    I can switch from my phone to my digital camera and get much better resolution

  19. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    To complicate things more, I've seen that paramoltkia doerfleri is synonymed Lithospermum paramoltkia. What are they playing at?
    Neil, I will look up that link, might even find other gems in there somewhere, if I don't run out of room, it's been an incredible growing season and Ive been kept busy in the greenhouses

  20. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    Got one, hopleys plants £13.70 with postage (more then the plant is worth)
    31 plants left there now

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