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Blooming Hostas

  • Blooming Hostas

Our Hostas have never looked so good as they do. this year. Normally, they are seriously nibbled, but this year we have put copper tape around their pots, I was skeptical but it seems to be working so far. Or could it just be the weather this year?

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  1. Grower

    Winifred Field

    I have used this tape for a few years now, but the little devils still get to the leaves! I think they must use a bridge system and come over the top! The plants have done better so far this year but I think it's been because of the drier weather we have had in the south and east Anglia regions. I am trying the crushed eggshell and coffee grounds trick this year so I'll see how successful this is when we start to get more wet weather.

  2. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    I have the same thing: I never usually bother to grow Hostas, but this winter I dug up a couple and couldn't bear to throw them away, so I brought them home and they are lush!

    Sorry to say, copper tape is not particularly effective - but I have found one sure-fire, 100% way to keep slugs off a precious plant, and you can read all about it here: 100% Slug Protection

  3. Grower

    Ian Crosland

    Rachel I am very taken by the idea of moats! I was planning to introduce water features into my garden, youve really got me thinking now

  4. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Ian, (laughs) well, no-one can say that a moat doesn't qualify as a water feature!

    My moated strawberry bed is still working perfectly, several years after building it: now I'm trying to find a way to extend the principle on a larger scale. If my garden were level - which is most certainly is not! - I would consider sinking a U-shaped square channel (the sort that builders use for large trunking) into the ground all the way round the edge of it. Or at least, around the area where the "best" plants live. It could be topped up from a water butt, with an overflow at the back, perhaps: or a clever ball-valve arrangement to avoid wasting water. Do you think I missed my calling - perhaps I should have been a water engineer!

  5. Grower

    Winifred Field

    Read your blog on snail prevention ideas and now I'm waving the white flag!

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