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I have an excess of seedlings and cuttings that are ready to be planted out. As I grow for pleasure these are free to anyone who can collect. If you wish a small donation to Thrive would be most acceptable.

Comments (6)

  1. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Hi Rosemary - that's great and very healthy they look! We've sent an email alert out to gardeners in your local area.

  2. Grower

    Julian Bishop

    Hello Rosemary - I live in Barnet and also have some seedlings ready, would you be interested in a swap?

    Julian Bishop

  3. Grower

    Rosemary Lilley

    The plants I have are surplus to requirement so you are welcome to have whatever you would like .I don 't have much room left in my garden this year but thank you for the offer of a swap perhaps I could bear that in mind for future years..My telephone number is 07989808069.

  4. Grower


    Hello, am intrested in free plants for my garden. Thanks!

  5. Grower

    Sheila Mitchell

    Hi, whereabouts are you? I live in a small village near Morecambe

  6. Grower

    Rosemary Lilley

    I'm in Hertfordshire Sheila

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