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Anyone have any spare cascading tomato/strawberry/ornamental squash young plants for sale?

Experimenting vertical planting, needing a few more young established plants to complete the collection. Can collect if not too distant away from me in West London. Thanks.

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  1. Grower


    I've got a couple of squash Trombocino (I think that's what they are called

  2. Grower


    That's great . Could I buy them off you please ? I can come to collect them if you let me have your address . Thanks

  3. Grower


    You could collect them from me at my allotment over the weekend. They are on Manor Road next to North Sheen station. Early evening any day

  4. Grower

    Gardens for the senses

    We have several Alpine strawberries, if you are interested/still looking.They are in 1 litre pots and £2.50 each.

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