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Stunning foxglove

  • Stunning foxglove

I bought some packets of named foxgloves last year and they are in flower now. I have two plants of the foxglove shown in the photo. Instead of dark spots they have intensely dark colour inside the bells that cover almost half the inside. They don't appear to be anything Iike the ones I bought in the packets, but as both plants are identical I wouldn't have thought they are self sown. I always grow foxgloves but have never seen any like this before. If they are a named variety I would like to get some more seeds this year so would need to know their name, anyone have an idea?

Comments (2)

  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Wow, they're lovely! I'd be tempted to hand-pollinate them, one plant from the other, and grow on the seed to see if they would come true... and if so, you could name them Digitalis Guppii!

  2. Grower

    Paul & Valerie Guppy

    I have just discovered these foxgloves are called "Sugar Plum" and the parent is "Pam's Choice".Certainly worth growing.

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