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Jason and The Giant Peach Tree

Ok, not giant, more about 8- 9-10ft... ish... and not Jason (my hubby), it's Lorii.... But there is definitely a Peach Tree in our front garden.

We have had it about 4-5 years, looked after it, ignored that it sort of leans a bit... but, we now want to swap it in the new year for our apple tree.

So i do have a question, not just boasting 😉

A) Can this sized tree be dug up and given to someone else, or is that likely to just bugger up the electric cable running close by?

B) Or can it be dug out by a grown up who knows what they are doing, thus avoiding the cable and allowing them to take home a good sized peach tree for their effort...

Or C) Cut it into chunks, try and hope the woody bits turn into a feature, dig out the roots bit by bit and then plant the Apple Tree and call it James as sure some peach roots will be left behind?

just wanting to find out other's thoughts so can mentally plan 7 months ahead... please 😁


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  1. Grower

    Amanda CW

    Hi Lorii - what a lovely way to ask your question! I had to answer.

    Unfortunately, I don't think it's an easy thing to do successfully. I found this very helpful description of how to go about it:

    Reading between the lines, you might best decide to keep the Peach tree in your front garden. And put the Apple in the back!

  2. Grower

    Paul & Valerie Guppy

    My mother grew a peach tree from scratch and had so many peaches she was in the local newspaper with a photo of them.Better to keep the peach tree- anyone can have apples!!

  3. Grower


    Hi Amanda
    Thankyou so much for that link :-)
    If only we had a 'back' though... there is decking that's about 14ft deep and a patch of mud we want to put a greenhouse on... no room for a tree of any description!
    Thinking about it even less room when the grape vine goes into über production too ... not only no room for a tree but the vine fights back by pinging you in the face when you try hanging washing out... don't need Tree Sprites attacking me too ;-)
    The apple tree we have is a Golden Delicious pot sized one which, if kept in pot, give about 8 apples so did want to plant it so we get more apples than a random cupermarket bargain bag.
    But where 😱

  4. Grower


    Hi Paul and Valerie
    Love the comment about apples :-)
    This peach tree hasn't produced a single peach so far, so wonky and no peaches. How quickly did your mother's tree fruit?

  5. Grower

    Paul & Valerie Guppy

    It did take quite a few years but fruited by the time it was about 10 ft high.I can't remember exactly how many years but it was well worth growing.Unfortunately we had a terrific gale one year which broke off most of the branches.The peaches were very big -weighed 14 ounces each on average and tasted lovely.

  6. Grower


    Because of where we live we thought it was a perfect place for it... sunny Levels, etc. perhaps ow it has reached the 11ft range we should look out for some next year ... this year was just pretty blossom and curly leaves.

    The apple tree is one of those 'mini orchard' things so should keep it a pot for now and see how the peach tree does.

    So pleased you've shared your experiences with them too.... thank you :-)

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