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Colour of Lychnis Coronaria (Rose Campion)

  • Colour of Lychnis Coronaria (Rose Campion)
  • Colour of Lychnis Coronaria (Rose Campion)

I really love this plant for its cheerful magenta coloured flowers. I have owned it myself, but it can apparently be rather short-lived and mine didn't survive one particularly wet Welsh summer(!). I was really delighted to find one in our local market but then it turned out to be a rather insipid white, although labelled simply Lychnis Coronaria, and not, as you would expect, Lychnis Coronaria Alba. There are a lot of white flowers that I really love, but this just didn't do it for me. Perhaps it was the expectation of the glorious magenta. Anyway, since I'm still on the lookout for the plant, I checked the Plantswap catalogue and was really surprised to see a photograph of a slightly pink, but basically white flowered plant displayed under this name. I have checked other sites such as RHS and Gardeners' World and they all show the plant as magenta. I would be interested to hear people's views. Is there a pinky white form of this magenta beauty?

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  1. Grower

    Paul & Valerie Guppy

    You can get the white form (Alba),the dark magenta form ,and a white one with a pink blotch in the middle called Angels Blush.All are available as seeds from Chiltern Seeds,Very easy to grow and you can still sow them now to flower next Summer.

  2. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    As an added complication, if people grow both the white form and the magenta one together, you get a bit of a mixed wash accident the next year: some of them come up magenta, and some come up white-turning-to-slightly-pinkish.

    Personally I love the pure white one, but I rip out any that are slightly pink - this is not the same as the one P&V mention above, it's just a half-way hybrid. Or is it a reversion? I'm not quite sure.. either way, I think the true magenta looks great but does need a bit of careful positioning relative to other "reds" in the area - but the pure white looks great anywhere!

    NB I would offer my small plants for sale here, but I never know exactly what colour they are going to come up!!

  3. Grower

    Jane Booker

    Mine look just like the pictures here and I have a couple of self seeded plantlets that are potted up ready for flowering next year. You can collect if you want.

    • Colour of Lychnis Coronaria (Rose Campion)

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